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The Somaliland Charity Hub


GCV has been engaged in the development of Gambia's Charity Hub. This is a multi-services center gathering resources and energies. GCV is committed to deliver a first class service for UK businesses and other non-profit organisations. All this is structured with the aim of paving the future of a new generation of local African leaders that can have a positive impact on their communities.

UK Companies will engage with the Charity Hub as their first point of contact for any business in West Africa. The Hub is the location of offices and employs native African graduates with multilingual skills. They will support foreign businesses with a wide range of services. They will help with the local laws and business habits, recruiting people and engaging overseas companies with a local network of human and business resources.

Our Charity Hub is tailored to support a health care center where assistance to young females is provide to avoid Feminal Genital Mutilation. 


The Charity Hub is made of people ready to read companies’needs, helping them to enter into emerging markets, contacting new clients and organizing different production functions. Our leaders are trustful partners in geographic areas that are unknown for consolidated business.

They can understand strategies and implement them with a strong focus on the local conditions. Small and Medium companies can find a solid platform as a starting point to increase revenues and boost prospective results in unexpected markets. The experience and skills contained in the Charity Hub can be implemented and assumed as the main reasons of a new investment decision.
Our leaders are African graduates that know the potentials and strengths of their communities. They have the skills and knowledge to understand and structure the ground for private investment. Their mission is to be assets for oversea companies that want to invest money in new emerging markets. They speak foreign and native languages.
Our African people are trained to become independent actors of business projects. They are open to new business opportunities and used to deliver first class services on demand.
As Global Charity Ventures we recognize the importance of supporting the development of a Charity Hub as a center that incubates and supports our leaders. Technologies, talents, relationships, organization and commitment are the key factors which characterize our Hub.

The Charity objective is to start a developing process that prepares African graduates for the challenges that a private organization can offer and allow them to be successful in business.