@Second to Nobody

This project is structured to support African girls during Secondaty School. Considering the importance of this life's stage, GCV is focused on girls providing more funds and more detailed requirements. The achivements have to reflect commitment in school attendance and exam's results in maths and English.

@Second to Nobody

A Project for Seconday School

Negative impact on education


During the Seconday School girls get more involved in the familty's life. They are asked to help to mantain the house clean, cook and do some work.

No Opportunities of a better job


Girl leaving school means a poorer community. A lower education leads to no growing opportunities. The future is negatively affected by this life's stage.

Time to act


There is no better time to act than during the Secondary School. Girls move from childhood to maturity and develop their role in the community and world. 

Give more time for education


The support of Second to Nobody is a daily support for famitiles that distribute equally the day workload between gals and guys.

GCV engaged in solution


GCV searches the best solution that can put gals and guys on the same play field and both them can be stronger players in their communities

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