@A New Managing Director for West Africa

GCV is proud to announce that Njaga Gaye has been appointed as new Managing Director for West Africa. Mr Gaye brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to GCV, including experiences at the World Bank, IMF and the Gambia Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. This economic background will enable Njaga to help GCV grow as a charity focused on developing West Africa.

​Njaga has taken responsability of "The promotion of Girls Education" project. He said "Given that rural Africa is poor and education is expensive, priority is usually given to the male child as he is expected to take care of the parents at old age, whereas the female children are expected to be given out to a husband and thereby do little for the parents especially when they are old. My strategy to implement this project would be to start with a rural school and perform an impact assessment after two to three years before thinking of expanding. suggesting a very important project for GCV."

GCV is proud of doing part of this initiative and ask you to welcome Njaga in our organisation.

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