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Global Charity Ventures Visit to the Village of Ngayen Sanjal

On September 23, 2014 the Officials of the Global Charity Ventures mad a field visit to the village of Ngayen Sanjal located in the North Bank Region of the Gambia. This visit marked the launching of two projects namely; Girls at School and Second to Nobody, in the village of Ngayen Sanjal meant to provide financial incentives to the parents of on-going girl students at the Nursery, Lower Basic, Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Schools.

The financial incentives supporting the parents of on-going performing girl students is not only to motivate parents to create the enabling environment for the girls to be given equal educational opportunity as boys but also to encourage the parents to maximally participate in the development of the girl child especially in her educational endeavors.

The Global Charity Ventures officials had meetings with the school authorities, Students and Parents to inform them about the launching of the two projects meant to provide financial support to families that are helping the girls at school to do well in education especially in the areas of Mathematics and English Language.

After successful meetings meant to achieve the projects objectives, the first tranche of disbursement was made to the first beneficiaries of on-going girl students. The number of girl students that benefited from all the schools in the village were 27 (Twenty Seven) and the financial support was disbursed directly to their parents for transparency and accountability sake.

This could not have been at a better time given that it is a very difficult stage in meeting the daily feeding requirements of village families as the farm produces require some more time before use as feedings and the feeding stock of the previous year has been exhausted.

A total of GMD 49,000.00 (Forty Nine Thousand Gambian Dalasis) equivalent to GBP 700.00 (Seven Hundred Pounds Sterling) was disbursed to the families of the supported girls in the schools.

The next tranche of disbursement which would be the second for the academic year is scheduled for January 2015 and would be guided by the performance of the students especially in Mathematics and English Language.

Njaga Gaye

Managing Director for West Africa

Global Charity Ventures

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