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Global Charity Ventures is now part of a wide network of on-line shops called ‘Give as you live’. The potential for fund raising is really impressive. This facility has been built by Charities Trust and reviewed by The Guardian, Financial Times, SKY and other UK mass-media.

The page for Global Charity Ventures is the following one:


‘Give as you live’ is a platform participated by leading UK charities and internet’s giants like eBay, Amazon, Tesco, M&S and many others. It lets buy flights with providers like lastminute.com and many others. It is also possible to buy services with BT and Virgin media including broadband and TV contracts. Clothes, foods, cameras and any other goods you may think about.

The number of items available on the platform is impressive. This opens up an incredible number of fund raising opportunities for our purchases and those of our friends, colleagues and supporters.

The platform supports for online shopping from almost all the high street and on-line shops: Amazon, eBay, Apple, Curry, just to quote few of the famous. It lets buyers and sellers meet. The website gathers price information online sellers and displays them.

By comparing the price of the same item among on-line shops, ‘Give as you live’ shows to the buyers the best price and let them to process the purchases by using a secure online payment system. Each purchase generates a small fee for the charity nominated by the buyer.

The only step requires to buy by operating the platform is to make a free-registration and activate the account. Then, just installing a small app for your brower, any item searched on google is pointed out as an item that can be bought through the 'Give as you live'.

Global Charity Ventures has to be elected as preferred charity by the user. This is easy and amazing. The money generated through it are credited directly on the charity’s bank account.

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