GCV at the London Marathon 2007

In April Conrad and Tania

will run the 2017 Virgin London Marathon in support of girls attending school in Gambia and the mitigation of FGM in Gambia where it is prevalent amongst 76% of girls. Global Charity Ventures, the charity started by Conrad Addo and Nicola Scardigli, will be continuing our project in Gambia. We will be travelling to the village of Ngayen Sanjal to sponsor twenty-seven impoverished children to attend school and escape poverty.

Many rural families in Africa are only willing to send boys to school since they will support their parents in old age. We would like to break this practice and give girls a better chance by supporting them to attend school for one year.

This will be our third self-funded visit to the school, so 100% of funds raised will go directly to the girls in Gambia.

We would like to ask you to donate a small amount to our cause if you feel it is a worthy one. You can donate by clicking on the link below.

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